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Today I went to Theatre 68, a small theater in a rather dicey part of Hollywood (Sunset & Western) to see a production of The Busy World Is Hushed featuring three actors from General Hospital: the fabulous Carolyn Hennesy (who also appears on Cougar Town), Jason Thompson and Nathan Parsons. The show is closing this weekend, and several other GH actors attended. I was right behind Bradford Anderson and Sonya Eddy at the box office, and I told Bradford, "I know I'm in the right place--the coworkers are here!" A bit later Brandon Barash and Lisa LoCicero showed up. I ended up sitting next to Lillian Lehman, who played Dr. Meadows on GH for years, and we had a great chat during intermission.

The play was excellent. At first I thought Jason Thompson (who, unlike Carolyn Hennesy and Nathan Parsons, is a theater newby) would be the weak link, but he ended up giving perhaps the most affecting performance. On a shallowly slashy note, I enjoyed seeing Jason Thompson and Nathan Parsons play lovers. Their (very heterosexual) GH characters Patrick and Ethan don't share much screentime, but now I wish I could see a Patrick/Ethan affair...
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