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I definitely don't want my year to be spent the way I spent the bulk of January 1st: languishing in a Benadryl haze, nursing a head cold and watching the Doctor Who marathon. (Well, the Doctor Who marathon was good.)

And now it's raining again. We are still having a spate of cold-for-LA weather, and the Garage Kitty and I are tired of it.

I keep contemplating writing a detailed post of last year's writing stats, what I want to do in 2011, etc., but my brain's still too cold-addled. But I do want to finish the Jo book revision in 2011 and move the hell on (much as I love the Jo book). Would like to work on at least one other novel project this year. I wrote a few poems last year, and I'd like to continue writing poems. I started a few stories last year but didn't finish any; I'd like to finish some stories this year. (There was also a secret project that I worked on last year but that didn't come to fruition--I'd like to give that another try this year.)

I'm not a fast writer. That's partly because so much time and energy go into my dayjob. But even with the dayjob, I can write a first draft quickly--but it takes time for my brain to figure stuff out when it comes to revision. Still, I think I need to reevaluate my schedule and see if I can work in some more writing time.

Okay, that's all the contemplation my head cold brain can manage at the moment!
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After four days of sleeping late, last night of course I could not fall asleep early. I think I got around five hours' sleep. Ugh...

::drinks more coffee::

I'm still reading and loving The Brontes Went To Woolworth's, which is such a wonderfully strange book. Also last night I started Jincy Willett's literary mystery The Writing Class, which is at times laugh-out-loud funny. And I'm still reading Amanda Cross's Poetic Justice (which is my bookbag book of the moment).

On today's Ryan's Hope, I was surprised to see Christine Ebersole playing a nurse (a couple of years before her hilarious stint on the show as Lily Darnell)!

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