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Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate. I've been having a lovely holiday break, which began last week with a visit from Sofia Samatar, in town to read from A Stranger in Olondria at Betalevel in Chinatown.

Tonight I'm going to my mom's for lamb dinner. Then I'll come home and watch new Who.

Here, have a Christmas song by my friend Stew.

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I've been tackling my pre-Wiscon to-do list. I'll have to get up at Stupid O'Clock on Thursday morning--it's almost not worth going to bed Wednesday night. Today I went to my mom's and we celebrated her birthday a bit early (since on the actual day I'll be packing for Wiscon) with pizza and a pear tart.


Re: last night's Doctor Who: spoiler )


I saw a couple of movies on TCM this weekend--one a somewhat silly but fun one from 1944 (Passport to Destiny) in which Elsa Lanchester decides to go to Germany to kill Hitler. Luckily for her, everyone in Germany speaks fluent English. Even the signs on the doors are in English!

The other film was something of a revelation: Autumn Leaves (1956). The capsule description said something about Joan Crawford marrying a psychopath (Cliff Robertson), and I figured I knew what I'd be getting...sort of a '50s version of one of those Lifetime movies, in which a charming cad woos Joan, then turns into Bluebeard or some such. That's what I kept expecting as I watched charming young Burt (Robertson) pursue cautious, older typist Millie (Crawford). After the wedding, when the ex-wife Burt never mentioned and the father he said was dead show up, I was sure I knew exactly where this was heading--and then the movie flipped the script. By the time Burt spectacularly cracks up, it's pretty clear why he's so broken, and no matter how terrifying he gets, he's no villain. The film's portrayal of mental illness is dated, but Robertson's performance is so nuanced, it transcends those limitations. If I'd known, I would've DVR'd the thing...I ended up buying the DVD the next day. (The film's on YouTube too.)


I finally finished (re)reading Scott Miller's Music: What Happened?. I was in no hurry to finish. For a taste of the book, here's Scott reading from it about William Shatner (!) and Ken Stringfellow, followed by his rendition of Stringfellow's gorgeous "Death of a City" (which has been earworming me for days).

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I had a lovely Christmas dinner at my mom's. She made a marvelous beef brisket. Then I had brunch at Say Cheese with Carolyn on Boxing Day. There are a couple more meals with friends coming up in the next few days.

I've been trying to work on a writing project, but my brain says No, we're on vacation! Hopefully I will manage to get some work done in spite of Holiday Brain.


The weekly what I'm reading meme:

• What are you currently reading?

Still reading Brit Mandelo's We Wuz Pushed: On Joanna Russ and Radical Truth-telling (it's my book bag book).

I'm back into Michael Gorra's Portrait of a Novel (about Henry James and Portrait of a Lady). I'd put it aside awhile, but it's fantastic.

The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood. It's gripping and beautifully written, but wow is it slowly paced. I won't know until I'm farther along (I'm about a hundred pages in) whether or not I think the glacial pacing is justified.

Rereading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I swear I haven't read Conan Doyle since I was a Holmes-obsessed pre-teen, but I found I remembered great swaths of "A Scandal in Bohemia."

• What did you recently finish reading?

Love and Romanpunk by Tansy Rayner Roberts. Various folks recommended this, and it really is as delightful as everyone said. Roman history + vampires + assorted other monsters. Good stuff.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Still planning to read Violence Girl by Alice Bag, among other things.
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This evening I went to my mom's for Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yam souffle, cranberry sauce, green beans with chestnuts, and pumpkin pie.

A happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate.


Dec. 26th, 2011 10:15 pm
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Yesterday I went to my mom's for Christmas dinner. We had turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, yam souffle, Trader Joe's awesome butternut squash & creamed spinach au gratin, and pumpkin pie (also from Trader Joe's). Then we watched Midnight in Paris, which we both enjoyed a lot.

Then I came home and watched the wonderful Doctor Who Christmas special.

Today I've been puttering around, working on the Jo book, reading, eating leftovers...
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A picture I took last weekend at my mom's house. I have happy childhood memories of the ginkgo tree shedding leaves every autumn:

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I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my mom. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, an amazing creamed spinach-thinly sliced butternut squash au gratin dish (from Trader Joe's), cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Now I am contemplating having a slice of pie, and I'm watching the Lucky Spencer marathon on SOAPnet. (Great to see these old episodes, though sad to compare them to the current sorry state of the show--and to realize that if SOAPnet ever runs another such GH marathon, it'll probably be because the show's been cancelled.)

My only foray into Black Friday-dom today was a trip to the used bookshops on Brand Ave. I bought a signed paperback of A Monstrous Regiment of Women at Bookfellows, because I'm a couple of hundred pages into The Beekeeper's Apprentice and will need the next volume soon!

At my mom's house I foraged in the closet and found a bunch of my old Sherlock Holmes books from when I was a kid:

The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook, ed. Peter Haining, foreword by Peter Cushing
Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street: A Life of the World's First Consulting Detective by William S. Baring-Gould
Sherlock Holmes Detected by Ian McQueen
Baker Street By-Ways by James Edward Holroyd
Basil Rathbone: His Life and His Films by Michael B. Druxman

and, not Holmes-related, but another favorite of mine when I was a kid:

The Count: The Life and Films of Bela "Dracula" Lugosi by Arthur Lennig

...I was a seriously geeky kid.
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A happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate. In a couple of hours I'll drive to my mom's, where we'll have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc. But first I will do a bit of noveling and read some more Beekeeper's Apprentice.


May. 22nd, 2011 09:11 pm
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Today my mom and I had blueberry pancakes for her birthday brunch at Marmalade Cafe. Yesterday I did various pre-WisCon tasks. I'm both looking forward to WisCon and having my usual pre-travel angst.

This weekend I would've liked to re-watch The Rapture (1991), one of my favorite films, but Netflix doesn't have a streaming version. Instead I watched It! (1967), starring Roddy McDowall as a criminally insane museum curator with Norman Bates-esque mother issues who ends up controlling a Golem. I'd thought it was a Hammer film, but it was just a close imitation, with a bravura performance by McDowall.

Now to get back to chapter 13 of the Jo book...
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I had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with my mom. We ate turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Then we watched a screener of The Social Network, which we both enjoyed a lot, though we agreed it could've used more women as actual characters and not bimbettes.

I'd been pretty worried about the Garage Kitty because she hadn't been eating. But this afternoon she finally started again. She's not eating as much as I'd like, but hopefully she's on the mend.

Today I've been eating leftovers and working on the Jo book and running non-Black Friday-ish errands. Also I finished reading Seanan McGuire's fantastic An Artificial Night. Now I am heating up leftover pumpkin pie which I will consume while watching SOAPnet's Jason Morgan marathon (well, I'll watch the 1990s eps anyway).

yam sham

Nov. 25th, 2010 02:22 pm
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A Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. In a bit I'll be driving to my mom's, where we'll have turkey and all the trimmings.

The Garage Kitty is apparently not celebrating Thanksgiving--she's barely eaten since yesterday, and I'm worried. I think it must have to do with the unusually cold weather we've been having. Possibly the cold has interfered with her ability to smell food. She has been drinking water, and she seems otherwise fine, happily lounging in the sun.

I've been watching the L&O marathon and this morning's Ryan's Hope eps, and now will do a bit of noveling...
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It is Henna Day, and the henna is on my head. After I rinse out, I need to tackle my pre-WisCon to-do list.

Yesterday my mom and I had a lovely lunch at Rive Gauche to celebrate Mom's birthday.

Last night on the phone with my friend Mike, he mentioned 84 Charing Cross Road (book and movie) and we got to talking about its goodness, so I pulled out my copy and am rereading with great enjoyment.

Argh so much to do before WisCon!
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Today I wrote 1000+ words of chapter 22 of the Jo book, wrapped a couple of presents, and watched soaps. Tonight I had Thai food, and tomorrow night I'll be having Christmas dinner with my mom. I'm sitting here with my cup of hot cider. Happy holidays to those who celebrate, from me and the denizens of Ryan's Bar (circa 1975)!

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Thanksgiving at my mom's was lovely. We ate turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, pumpkin tart and sweet potato pie. (The tart was better than the pie.) Then we watched An Education, which was even better than I'd expected.

This morning I finished reading Georgette Heyer's The Corinthian: cross-dressing heroine + world-weary fop FTW! I began to tackle the Fridge O'Leftovers by eating stuffing (plus an egg) for brunch, and watched Ryan's Hope and Days of Our Lives (DOOL proving they are more on the ball than the other soaps at the moment, by being the only soap airing a new episode during the holidays). Now I'm tackling the chapter 20 revisions. I think chapter 20 is the only chapter remaining in the Jo book that will require massive research. I hope. I hope!

I am taping The French Connection to watch with dinner--another NYC in the '70s film (and one which I have, somehow, managed never to have seen, aside from the famous car chase scene).

Perhaps I shouldn't have had that second pot of Wintry Blend coffee, but I love it. Speaking of Trader Joe's, soon I will venture forth for a small grocery run...

today's Ryan's Hope )


Nov. 27th, 2008 11:42 pm
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I had a lovely Thanksgiving feast with my mom. Turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing and cranberry sauce and green beans with chestnuts and pumpkin pie. Then we watched a screener of Nixon/Frost, a very good film.

Now I'm home and back to the Planet of the Apes marathon. Things I didn't know about my favorite of the Ape films, Escape from the Planet of the Apes: OMG the evil ape-killing scientist is played by Eric Braeden (AKA Victor Newman from The Young and the Restless!). I didn't recognize him without the moustache. And OMG Sal Mineo played the scientist ape Dr. Milo?!?

Now I want more pie.

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