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So if suburban men read this book, will the genre be "Daddy Porn"?

Will Fifty Shades Of Grey Make 'Mommy Porn' The Next Big Thing?
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I've been listening to the new British Library Sylvia Plath CD ("The surviving BBC broadcasts"), which is marvelous and contains a lot of material I've never heard before. But one cringeworthy bit occurs when an unidentified male announcer introduces Plath at a poetry reading in London, 1961 (she reads "Tulips"):

"It's a pleasure to present a woman poet. We have such a predominantly masculine week here, a fact that didn't really strike me till the programming was complete. What it shows about my taste, I don't know, but I'm very glad that we have, at any rate, one very fine woman poet this evening: Miss Sylvia Plath, as I refer to her by her maiden name, before she was Mrs. Ted Hughes."
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I keep meaning to post about the WinCon thing, but I've been feeling emotionally tapped out. I just looked back at what I posted during the Great Open Boob Debacle of 2008 (almost exactly two years ago). Back then I said: "This whole thing has brought back bad memories for me of dealing with twenty-something entitled creepy guys in the 1980s when I was a teenager. I really have nothing more to add but a world of no." And that's about all I have to say now, too, except that it would've made a difference to me, when I was seventeen or eighteen or nineteen, to have someone to tell me, "You don't have to go along with what he wants if it doesn't feel right, and I will back you up." I didn't have that kind of support back then, but I have tried to be that friend for other women in my life since. It would be great if no one needed that kind of support--but this not being a perfect world, we've got to try and be there for each other when we need it.
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Like so many of my friends, I've been full of anger today about the murder of Dr. Tillman. There have been some great posts on my FL, notably one by [ profile] liz_marcs: This is How You Lose Hearts and Minds: One Murder at a Time.

I've been thinking about my experiences with clinic defense and pro-choice activism. Twenty years ago I had a number of face to face confrontations with Operation Rescue, and I still shudder at the memory of those people. Here are some excerpts from a memoir I wrote in 2002 about those experiences (originally published in LOCA Magazine).

Witches, lesbians, basic idiots, repent! )
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Last night I listened to Obama's speech on my way home from work (and caught the last bit on TV when I got home). I was impressed and inspired, moved by the historical moment, full of hope for the future of the country.

Then this morning...

McCain: I'd like to present my inexperienced, anti-choice VP. She has girly parts! Isn't she great?

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Like a whole lot of people on my FL and beyond, I've spent way too much time since last night fuming about Boob-gate. [ profile] theferrett's just posted something of a "don't try this at home the next con" update, though unfortunately he also deleted 1000+ comments, many of which were cogent and valuable. (ETA: The comments are back now, but frozen.) A lot of good discussion and ranting on the subject can be found here and here, and, well, all over my FL.

This whole thing has brought back bad memories for me of dealing with twenty-something entitled creepy guys in the 1980s when I was a teenager. I really have nothing more to add but a world of no. And: I'm glad this kind of crap will not take place at WisCon...
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This reads like an Onion article, but it's not.

Post-abortive men?!?

"'We had abortions,' say men whose lovers ended pregnancies. It isn't just a women's trauma, they insist. But critics see a political calculation..."

Too bad it's too late to abort these losers.

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