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It's Henna Day, and I have the drippy henna on my head. In about half an hour I'll rinse it out. This weekend I've been making good progress on chapter 18. Also I gobbled down Eileen Davidson's second soap opera mystery, Dial Emmy for Murder (which I liked a lot better than her first one, Death in Daytime). I wonder why there are so many soap opera mysteries out there.

I managed to find some new black ankle boots at Aerosoles, and bought some cinnamon jeans at Ann Taylor and some Clinique products at Macy's, which yielded me a Clinique gift bag.

I've watched some Dark Shadows and that masterpiece of 1974 paranoia, The Parallax View, which features Earl Hindman (Bob Reid from Ryan's Hope) as a psycho cop who gets into a barroom brawl with Warren Beatty. Speaking of Ryan's Hope, I'm looking forward to this week's episodes. thirty-year-old spoilers )

I might go to Skylight this afternoon, though I don't REALLY need to buy more books. But, on the other hand, more books!!
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I tried to go to the Glendale Galleria today (to return some shoes to Aerosoles and go to the Lush store), now that the air in Glendale isn't completely smoke-filled--but apparently the entire population of Glendale had the same idea, because the parking lot was a nightmare. After inching around and around several times, I threw in the towel and went to Brand Bookstore instead. (Mystery & Imagination Bookstore was closed today.) Brand was having a 30% off sale, so it worked out well. I ended up buying from the horror section--maybe because these are authors I rarely see in used bookstores, or maybe I'm just starting Halloween early this year: The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson, Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite, and Silk by Caitlin R. Kiernan. Then I came home and walked to Trader Joe's.

The Garage Kitty has been having a splendid time the past couple of days, with no painters invading her domain, the weather a bit cooler, and me at her beck and call. I hope it's not too much of a rude awakening for her tomorrow when the painters return.

The Jo book is still completely taking over my brain. There will be more noveling this evening after dinner.

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The weather's back to being unbelievably gorgeous (though it's supposed to cool off again by the end of the week). I went to the Glendale Galleria, where I got a fantastic blue print dress on sale at Ann Taylor and a bunch of Lush goodies. Then I swung by Whole Foods for yellowtail and avocado rolls, blackberry cabernet sorbet, and other treats. Came home, fed the Garage Kitty (who made an impressive leap from the first floor balcony down to the garage level when she got spooked--she's still very skittish at times). Went to Trader Joe's for a big bag of clementines, some shitake mushrooms, etc.

Now I'm contemplating chapter twelve, which is currently the bane of my existence.

Later I will finish watching my current Dark Shadows DVD (from 1970), which is a highly enjoyable mishmash of vampires, werewolves, and a weird cult having to do with a sea monster-like creature who's sort of the anti-Christ and who assumes the form of a groovy '70s-looking blond guy named Jeb.


Jan. 17th, 2009 01:30 pm
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I've finally relented and joined Facebook. Feel free to friend...

Last night I wrote 1000 words on chapter twelve and watched this week's Supernatural.

The warm weather continues unabated, though I think it's supposed to cool off in a few days. I'm gonna go shopping in Glendale, then come home and do more noveling.
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Yesterday my order from Banana Republic showed up in the mail: a short-sleeved print top and a fantastic gray sweater-coat with adorable pockets and buttons. Now if the weather can just cool off enough so I can wear the sweater-coat!

Here's a terrific blog entry by Sara Bibel about Mad Men's recent delving into soap opera history and how the show "chose to use soaps as a vehicle of female empowerment": Mad Men Makes Me A Happy Woman.

Ryan's Hope line o'the week:

Pat: We could get a big floppy dog, or a cat. Or both.
Delia: No, I don't want a cat. Cats are too sneaky.
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There is now a Lush store in the Glendale Galleria. I went there for the first time today and ran amok.

(Also I bought some tops at Gap...)
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Today I headed to broiling Glendale and did some shopping. I started at the comic book store, where I got some recent Buffy and Angel comics (though I think I may still be missing a couple of issues), then went to the mall where I returned some clothes to Gap and bought a great Nine West little black dress at Macy's, even though a LBD wasn't remotely what I was shopping for. Meanwhile, I continued to be underwhelmed by the recent INC offerings. Next I went to Tales of Mystery and Imagination, which was having a big sale, and picked up Octavia Butler's Bloodchild and David Lodge's The British Museum Is Falling Down.

Now I'm home and looking forward to a quiet evening of noveling, reading, and 1987 Ryan's Hope (and avoiding all fireworks).

Happy Fourth, to those of you who celebrate!

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