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It is Henna Day, at the tail end of an annoyingly unseasonable heat wave. Yesterday I went to Skylight Books for California Bookstore Day. Then I headed to Legacy Comics in Glendale for Free Comic Book Day, but there was a line out the door and down the block, and it was broiling out, so I threw in the towel and drove back home. I'm glad so many people showed up for the events, though.

A week ago I managed to crack a tooth on a blueberry pancake. (To be fair, if it hadn't been the pancakes, it probably would've been the next thing I ate.) I've finally more or less adjusted to the ill-fitting (both too short and too wide) temporary cap on my tooth. Hopefully it will stay put until I get the permanent cap in a week and a half.

In other weird health news, apparently they're having cases of mumps in Madison, so I got a blood test for mumps immunity. Depending on the results, I may get a booster shot this week. In happier pre-Wiscon news, I've been rereading The Female Man for a panel. It's been over twenty years since I'd read it, and possibly I just wasn't ready for it the first time, because I'm enjoying it vastly more this time around.

I am getting quite close to the end of the Jo book revisions. Yay!
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It is Henna Day, and I am slightly discombobulated, because I usually henna my hair on a Sunday and it's Saturday. This is also apparently my first LJ entry of the new year. The weather has been weirdly vacillating between unseasonably warm and--well, I can't really say unseasonably cold when most of the country has been Polar Vortex-ville, so I'll just say less warm. The weather shifts have been making my allergies go to town.

I was going to go to the Story Tavern tonight to meet up with friends, but C. has a cold, so we've rescheduled. Thus, tonight will probably consist of Jo book revision and poetry writing, plus watching old movies and reading. And possibly some hot and sour soup. All of which sounds pretty good.


Dec. 31st, 2013 05:10 pm
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There were some definite highs and lows to my 2013, but overall it was an excellent year.

I had three poems published:

"Ginnie and the Cooking Contest" (a prose poem) in Interfictions Online, Issue 1, May 2013

"take off your horn-rims and fly" in Flying Higher: An Anthology of Superhero Poetry

"a tipping point" in The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Vol. 3, No. 4 (Fall 2013).

I started the year revising Out of Uniform (a novel I hope to get back to in 2014) and writing a sekrit project. Then when I received my agent's notes on Can't Find My Way Home (AKA the Jo book, AKA the book that would not die), I dove back into work on it. I'd hoped to have that done by the end of this year, but I am getting there. I've also been writing more poetry this year, which pleases me.

Healthwise, I'm still in physical therapy for an issue that's been causing me chronic pain. I'm a lot better, though it continues to be a frustrating situation. On the bright side, my physical therapist is a genius, and part of my treatment includes one-on-one yoga instruction, which is awesome. Also on the bright side, I was able to attend WisCon and Readercon (which I also plan to do in 2014).

Scott Miller died this year, and although we were only slight acquaintances, his death had a huge impact on me and others who love his music and his writing.

For me this has been a year rich in friendships--not only continued friendships, but also new ones and renewed ones. I'm so grateful for the many amazing people in my life.

I wish you all a very happy new year.
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I had a wonderful Readercon. Possibly my favorite Readercon yet, even though I had a pain flare-up towards the end. (And, of course, there was the Zimmerman verdict.)

Books I bought at Readercon (from the Small Beer table):

Travel Light by Naomi Mitchison
Errantry by Elizabeth Hand
The Black Fire Concerto by Mike Allen!
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It is Henna Day, and the cold henna on my head is helping to soothe my headache. (I think the headache's due to our wildly shifting weather. On Friday it was rainy and maybe 58 degrees, now it's warmish and sunny, and it's supposed to be over 80 in a couple of days!) Trying to adjust to the time change. I will enjoy leaving the office when it's still light out, but I will not enjoy getting up tomorrow morning.

Friday night I went to Taix to see Rough Church and Bell Gardens, and had much fun. Since then I've been having a quiet weekend of writing / reading / DVDs. Oh, and on Friday I watched Suddenly (1954), with Frank Sinatra as a would-be assassin and Sterling Hayden as a sheriff trying to foil him, on TCM. I think [personal profile] sovay recommended it? Anyway, a terrific, tense film with great character work by Sinatra and Hayden.


Dec. 31st, 2012 04:07 pm
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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...but all in all, I'd call my 2012 a good year.

I only had two publications this year, but I'm very pleased with them:

"bell, book, candle" in Strange Horizons, 26 March 2012.

"The Pied Piper vs. The Sirens" in Mythic Delirium #27, November 2012.

I didn't write a whole lot of poetry this year (and no short fiction at all, I think?), as this was The Year of Finishing the Draft of the Jo Book. It took somewhat longer than I'd expected, but writing this draft was one of the greatest and most challenging experiences of my writing life.

I got sick this summer and had a couple of miserable months until I got diagnosed and started physical therapy. I'm still not entirely recovered, but I'm so much better (to the point that I can't fully remember how bad I felt last summer).

Tonight I'll be doing my usual new year's celebration: champagne, caviar and other goodies, and DVDs.

A very happy new year to you all!
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I got home yesterday evening from Chicago after a very smooth Virgin America flight. I'm glad I went to Worldcon, though it was tough going for me--I was pretty unwell a lot of the time, and the cavernous maze of the hotel (which has two towers and multiple levels of convention space, and the bit where you wanted to go wasn't always easily accessible depending on which level of which tower you were in) required a lot more walking than was comfortable for me. But the trip doesn't seem to have set me back healthwise, and tomorrow I go back to physical therapy.

Some highlights of my Chicon:

Readings by Gwenda Bond and Saladin Ahmed and Nnedi Okorafor.

A concert by Seanan McGuire (after which I could not get her creepy song "Dear Gina" out of my head).

Julia Rios's fun Kaffeeklatsche.

Finally getting to try French fries with poutine (and wow it was good!) during lunch at Houlihan's with Julia and Moss.

An uproarious live installment of the SF Squeecast (featuring Lynne M. Thomas, Seanan McGuire, Paul Cornell, Elizabeth Bear, Catherynne M. Valente, and special guest Jay Lake)...and later the same day, the Squeecast won a Hugo Award!

Attending The Hugo Awards for the first time. Congratulations to all the winners!

...Oh, and I read "The Pied Piper vs. the Sirens" (soon to appear in Mythic Delirium) at the Broad Universe Rapid-fire Reading, and my panel (Incorporating the Personal into Speculative Fiction, with Nick Mamatas, Cat Rambo, Bill Shunn, and Inanna Arthen/Vyrdolak) was a lot of fun.

I'm glad to be home, and looking forward to finishing up the Jo book draft (very soon!). And I still haven't seen the new Doctor Who...
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I'm mostly packed for Worldcon. I wish I was feeling better. (The hot weather we've been having may be responsible for my having a few not-so-good days following a fairly comfortable week.) I haven't been to Chicago since I was a kid.


I've nearly reached the end of this draft of the Jo book.

Word count: 81,767

Page count: 288

One chapter to go (and that's nearly done). I had thought about finishing before Worldcon, but I have pre-travel brain. I'm almost there, though...
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Due to a health problem that cropped up a few weeks ago, I will not be attending Readercon this year. (The doctors assure me the problem isn't anything serious--which is a good thing, but cold comfort at this point.) Words cannot express how annoyed I am.

I do hope all of you attending Readercon have a great time!
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I actually heard about this today from a friend in Pennsylvania, so in case any of you in California haven't heard about it:

The California Senate is just 2 votes short to pass its single payer health care bill, SB 810 - the California Universal Healthcare Act, before the end of this legislative session on Tuesday.

Four Democratic Senators have not voted either way on this bill. Its author, Senator Mark Leno, can bring the bill up for reconsideration, as long as he knows that he has two more votes!!

Most of us have family or friends in California. Many of these Californians may not know how important it is to call and email these 4 Senators over the weekend, and first thing Monday. We can help. Alert your California contacts that they must take action right away. They don't need need to live in the districts - these Senators hold the key to all of California's health care.

The Senators need to hear loud and clear how important it is for Californians to get SB 810 passed. Call each Senator listed below and ask them to vote yes on SB 810.

The Senators who must be contacted are:

Senator Alex Padilla (District 20 - Pacoima/LA area) can be contacted
by email at
In Sacramento at 916-651-4020
Or in Van Nuys at 818-901-5588

Senator Michael Rubio (District 16 - Fresno/Bakersfield area) can be contacted
by email at
In Sacramento at 916-651-4016
Or in Bakersfield at 661-395-2620

Senator Juan Vargas (District 40 - San Diego) can be contacted by
email at
In Sacramento at 916-651-4040
Or in Chula Vista at 619-409-7690

Senator Rod Wright (District 25 - LA area) can be contacted
by email at
In Sacramento at 916-651-4025
Or in Inglewood at 310-412-0393

Single payer in California is a huge step forward for healthcare. These four State Senators hold the key to our Healthcare. Have everyone you know in California call and email them.
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I've finished the new chapter 17 of the Jo book, and am working on chapter 18.

Word count: 51,657

Page count: 180

It's coming right along (though never as quickly as I would like!).


The OLTL finale was brilliant, especially the part where spoiler ). I think I'm currently in denial--I half-expect to have a new episode of OLTL to tune into on Monday. Instead I have until sometime in February to wait for Carlivati & Valentini's General Hospital to kick in (with OLTL characters showing up).

Here's a great article about former OLTL writer Michael Malone. It concludes: "as to whether One Life to Live will indeed live again, he remains optimistic: 'You never know, people might get tired of watching people diet.'"


I've been dealing with some stubborn hip/leg pain that is making this holiday weekend a bit less relaxing than it otherwise might be. Ugh.


I hear this week's Supernatural was a good one? I guess I'd better watch...
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Here's an encouraging article about the Coffee Table, which says that the owner is looking to open a new restaurant in Silver Lake. Here's hoping it's walking distance from my apartment like the (soon to be closed) Coffee Table!


Last night I happened to catch Peter Weir's early film The Plumber--a psychological horror film about an already terrifying topic, bathroom plumbing!--on TCM. I hadn't seen it since sometime in the eighties, and I didn't remember much about it aside from the fact that I'd loved it--but when I saw it, I found I remembered it so clearly, I must've seen it several times. I'd forgotten how funny it is. The film is basically a battle of wills between an academic and the plumber who invades her home--and it gets into very interesting territory around sex and class. Creepy and hilarious.


Wow, I wish my back would stop hurting already.
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Writing: I'm currently working on chapter 16 of the Jo book. Also last weekend I wrote a poem about Bell, Book and Candle (after watching the film on TCM).

Reading: Names by Marilyn Hacker, The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth, and Planet of the Apes as American Myth: Race, Politics, and Popular Culture by Eric Greene.

Back: My lower back recovered quickly, but now my upper back feels knot-tastic. Chiropractor tomorrow!

One Life To Live: The Two Todds continue to be the best thing ever.
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Usually I henna my hair on Sundays, but I was in San Francisco last Sunday. Today I went and got my hair cut, and now I am home with the henna on my head. Also I appear to have hurt my lower back. Ow. It's not horrible, but it's not feeling great either.

Meanwhile, I just learned that SOAPnet will be cutting Ryan's Hope from its schedule next month, after All My Children's last ABC episode airs. Bleh.
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Today the henna is on my head, for it is Henna Day. I also have a slight headache, but nothing like yesterday, so I'm counting that as a win.

Last night I was watching The Legend of Hell House (1973) on cable (because [personal profile] sovay wrote about it recently), and I had a strong memory of the first time I saw it, sometime in the '70s. I'd had a bad cold or the flu, so my mom rolled the TV into my room and it was at the foot of my bed. I watched the movie because Roddy McDowall was in it (and because I was a horror movie fan, though I preferred the 1930s Universal pictures). I'm pretty sure it was a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The film must've been edited fairly heavily for TV. I'd forgotten Pamela Franklin was in it. Whatever happened to her? She was ubiquitous in the '60s and early '70s, and then (as far as I can recall) nada.
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The bad: A headache ate part of my day, and I may need to see a dentist next week.

The good: However, the Neil Gaiman episode of Doctor Who was quite wonderful. And I've been working on the Jo book.

Also good: Tomorrow will be Henna Day.
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It is Henna Day, and the henna is on my head. We're having gorgeous summer weather this weekend, though it's supposed to cool off again tomorrow. A bad headache ate part of my Saturday (I took Advil yesterday morning, went back to bed, and woke up at a quarter to one in the afternoon), but I have since worked on the Jo book, read a bunch of [personal profile] seanan_mcguire's terrific Late Eclipses, and continued my Dark Shadows rewatch. (Barnabas brought Josette back from the dead, but she Came Back Wrong!--i.e., disfigured from her fall from Widows' Hill--and he had to let her go be dead again.)

After I rinse out my hair, there will be more Jo book/Late Eclipses/Dark Shadows, plus a trip to Trader Joe's. Oh, and tonight, Upstairs Downstairs.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day. This clip won't let me embed it, but here, have some St. Patrick's Day on Ryan's Hope, 1983 (in which Delia schemes, and Malachy McCourt serves beer). Too bad the clip doesn't feature Maeve Ryan singing "Danny Boy."

I've hit 20K of the new Jo book revisions (chapters 1-7). I checked the old draft and discovered chapters 1-7 are 5K longer than the current draft. This pleases me, as I would like this draft to be brisker/punchier/SHORTER.

Meanwhile, I somehow managed to sprain my lower back this week. Saw the chiropractor this morning, so I should start to feel better soon, but sitting at my desk for long periods of time is rather challenging at the moment...
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It's Thursday already? I keep thinking it's only Wednesday (because I took Monday as a sick day).

Head cold: I still have it. It's abating, but it's taking its sweet time. Possibly due in part to...

Weather: About as far from cliched California weather as it gets. The Garage Kitty and I would prefer some nice cliched weather, thanks.

Garage Kitty: Availing herself of every warm car hood and patch of sunlight at her disposal.

Writing: Today I think I figured out how to proceed with the new part 2 of the Jo book. Tomorrow I will get to work on the new chapter 5, and I'm really looking forward to it. Hooray, it's back to 1975! And speaking of which...

Ryan's Hope: SOAPnet is currently airing the 1975 episodes for the last time (since SOAPnet will be kaput in a year or so). I wish everybody was watching (or at least everybody who even vaguely likes serial drama), because it is such damn good, intelligent, juicy storytelling. And watching young Kate Mulgrew and Ilene Kristen is always a delight.

One Life To Live: Tuc Watkins/David Vickers is back, along with his extra-meta hilarity.
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I definitely don't want my year to be spent the way I spent the bulk of January 1st: languishing in a Benadryl haze, nursing a head cold and watching the Doctor Who marathon. (Well, the Doctor Who marathon was good.)

And now it's raining again. We are still having a spate of cold-for-LA weather, and the Garage Kitty and I are tired of it.

I keep contemplating writing a detailed post of last year's writing stats, what I want to do in 2011, etc., but my brain's still too cold-addled. But I do want to finish the Jo book revision in 2011 and move the hell on (much as I love the Jo book). Would like to work on at least one other novel project this year. I wrote a few poems last year, and I'd like to continue writing poems. I started a few stories last year but didn't finish any; I'd like to finish some stories this year. (There was also a secret project that I worked on last year but that didn't come to fruition--I'd like to give that another try this year.)

I'm not a fast writer. That's partly because so much time and energy go into my dayjob. But even with the dayjob, I can write a first draft quickly--but it takes time for my brain to figure stuff out when it comes to revision. Still, I think I need to reevaluate my schedule and see if I can work in some more writing time.

Okay, that's all the contemplation my head cold brain can manage at the moment!

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