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I've been spending the evening working on the Jo book. Chapter 18 is getting close to done. Also I've been reading The Third Child by Marge Piercy. I'm a big fan of all her 1970s-80s novels, but her later novels left me so cold, I didn't bother with the last couple. Turns out that this one (so far, anyway) is a return to form of sorts: a juicy political novel about the college-age daughter of a Republican senator and his ambitious wife.

The weather's cooled off again in LA, with rain last night. I want snow!

Today is the one-year anniversary of the death of the Garage Kitty. I still miss her a lot, and think about her most days, especially when I'm in the garage.
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Thanks to everyone for the kind words about the Garage Kitty. It means a lot to me.

Today I had a great phone chat with [ profile] dianafox. Then I put the henna on my head. Later there will be Dark Shadows viewing and possibly some mac'n'cheese. Also I'm reading Jo Walton's Among Others.
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The Garage Kitty has passed away. Her appetite had waned recently, but I'd thought she would bounce back as she had in the past, and she'd seemed otherwise fine. It was only on Wednesday night that I knew she was in trouble, and her decline was swift after that. I'm glad she didn't suffer long. I will miss her terribly. It's pretty amazing that she was never hit by a car or picked off by a wild animal from the hillside. She lived quite a long life for an outdoor cat.

I'm not sure how old the Garage Kitty was. I moved into the apartment building nearly fourteen years ago, and she may already have been here then. She was originally a housecat belonging to a tenant who then abandoned her. I'm not sure what happened to turn her feral. If she had wanted back into the building and if she'd not been averse to being touched, any number of tenants would have adopted her--but whenever I opened the door to the building, she just looked at me like, "What?" Once she set up residence in the garage and the surrounding hillside, she lived life on her own terms. I knew her for years before I started feeding her. I'd shoo her off my car in the morning, though it was clear she thought all the cars in the garage really belonged to her. Then one day, a little over two years ago, she started meowing at me for food, and I joined the small group of tenants who fed her. One by one, they moved away, until it was just me taking care of her.

Although she refused to be touched, she was otherwise sociable. She had a whole repertoire of meows, and she was often talkative. I know she trusted me as much as it was possible for her to trust a human. Taking care of her has been one of the high points of my life.
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It's Thursday already? I keep thinking it's only Wednesday (because I took Monday as a sick day).

Head cold: I still have it. It's abating, but it's taking its sweet time. Possibly due in part to...

Weather: About as far from cliched California weather as it gets. The Garage Kitty and I would prefer some nice cliched weather, thanks.

Garage Kitty: Availing herself of every warm car hood and patch of sunlight at her disposal.

Writing: Today I think I figured out how to proceed with the new part 2 of the Jo book. Tomorrow I will get to work on the new chapter 5, and I'm really looking forward to it. Hooray, it's back to 1975! And speaking of which...

Ryan's Hope: SOAPnet is currently airing the 1975 episodes for the last time (since SOAPnet will be kaput in a year or so). I wish everybody was watching (or at least everybody who even vaguely likes serial drama), because it is such damn good, intelligent, juicy storytelling. And watching young Kate Mulgrew and Ilene Kristen is always a delight.

One Life To Live: Tuc Watkins/David Vickers is back, along with his extra-meta hilarity.
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My vacation week is flying by. I've been noveling (and poeming), reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, watching wonderful Ryan's Hope (1975) reruns on SOAPnet, feeding the Garage Kitty (she's been a bit finicky lately--I think the cold weather has intermittently interfered with her ability to smell food), etc. Yesterday I saw the Eva Hesse paintings exhibit at the Hammer, which I was glad to get to before it closes.

Last night HBO showed the 1976 remake of Dark Victory, starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Anthony Hopkins--a TV movie I adored as a pre-teen and which I wish were on DVD (or even on YouTube). I think it may have been the first thing I ever saw Hopkins in (or was it Magic?), though I was of course already a massive Montgomery fan.

Today I went to Whole Foods to get caviar and other goodies for my traditional new-year's-eve-with-DVDs celebration. I haven't decided yet what I'm gonna watch, though...
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From [ profile] tithenai:

Jingle gwynnega, Jingle gwynnega,
Jingle all the way.

Jingle Bells
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

Happy Solstice! Here in LA it is still Freaking Raining. (But it's supposed to stop after tomorrow, and my windows haven't leaked any more since Saturday night.) The Garage Kitty is, I think, wondering if the sun will ever come out again.

I just wrote a poem. Yay.
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While the rest of the country is having a snowpocalypse, we in LA are having a mini-summer. The Garage Kitty is pleased, and I can't say I'm not. Today I braved the mall, which was not fun (especially driving in and out of the parking lot), but my holiday shopping is now pretty much done. Hooray.

Last night I watched a documentary on the late John Cazale, who appeared in only five films, but what five films: the first two Godfather movies, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon (possibly my favorite movie ever), and The Deer Hunter (which my dad co-wrote). My dad would've loved this documentary. I hadn't realized Cazale and Meryl Streep were a couple, and I couldn't remember whether Cazale had come to the Academy Awards the year The Deer Hunter won awards--but no, he died of lung cancer before the movie was released. I remember seeing young Meryl Streep in the ladies' room at the Oscars, but I had no idea of everything she'd just been through. Anyway, the documentary is wonderful.
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On a cold November weekend, where would the Garage Kitty be without a giant heating pad warm car hood?

Meanwhile, her appetite has returned with a vengeance, to my relief...

yam sham

Nov. 25th, 2010 02:22 pm
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A Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. In a bit I'll be driving to my mom's, where we'll have turkey and all the trimmings.

The Garage Kitty is apparently not celebrating Thanksgiving--she's barely eaten since yesterday, and I'm worried. I think it must have to do with the unusually cold weather we've been having. Possibly the cold has interfered with her ability to smell food. She has been drinking water, and she seems otherwise fine, happily lounging in the sun.

I've been watching the L&O marathon and this morning's Ryan's Hope eps, and now will do a bit of noveling...
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But alas, it is Monday, so I must work.

However, I got some good Jo book work done during lunch.

Time for some Darjeeling. Happy Monday, everybody.
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It is Henna Day once again. I just got my hair cut a few hours ago, and now I'm sitting here with drippy henna on my head, drinking caramel coffee. It's such a relief to get my very long hair back to shoulder length.

On Friday night I went to Skylight Books and saw Eileen Myles read awesomely from her new novel Inferno. Then yesterday I worked on the Jo book, did Jo book research, and watched some Alec Guinness movies on TCM. This morning I came up with some ideas for the "In Lieu of a Thank You" sequel, so I worked on that (amid brunch and Dark Shadows). Later there will be more Jo book writing and research (and Dexter and more Dark Shadows).

The weekend has been fairly sunny and pleasant during the day, and the Garage Kitty has spent a lot of quality time snoozing on the hillside. The grass is finally growing back there, which must be more pleasant to sleep on than the dirt.
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Last night when I got home from work...

Gwynnega: Kitty? Kitty? Where are you?

Garage Kitty: ...

Gwynnega: Well, I'll leave you some food anyway.
[leaves food]

Action Tabby: [streaks through the garage]

Gwynnega: Oh, for god's sake. Not you again!

Action Tabby: [leaps onto wall and runs across it, "Mission Impossible" theme playing]
[stops and looks down at Gwynnega]

Gwynnega: Just keep going, cat.

Action Tabby: Hmm, maybe I can take her.

Gwynnega: Move along!

Action Tabby: [jumps out of sight, leaving garage]

Gwynnega: Kitty! The bad cat is gone! You can come out now!

Garage Kitty: ...

Gwynnega: Okay, I'll come back later.

Half an hour later...

Gwynnega: Hmm, still no sign of the Garage Kitty.
[looks up]

Clueless White Cat: [loiters on balcony]

Gwynnega: You have got to be kidding me!

Clueless White Cat: Where did Action Tabby go?

Gwynnega: Sheesh.

Later that evening...

Clueless White Cat: [is gone]

Fancy Feast: [is also gone]

Garage Kitty: [still hiding]

Gwynnega: Well, I hope it was the Garage Kitty who ate the food.

This morning...

Garage Kitty: Here I am! Those awful cats are gone! FeedmefeedmeFEEDME!


Sep. 12th, 2010 07:43 pm
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This has been a rather trying weekend, as I've spent a large part of it trying to recover from the antibiotics that clobbered my digestive system. Urgh. But I've worked on the Jo book (which I shall do some more of this evening before Mad Men), and I read Elizabeth Hand's lovely short novel Illyria (which hinges upon a high school production of Twelfth Night and Feste's final song from it).

Last night I watched The Paper Chase on cable. I remember seeing it on TV sometime in the '70s (probably its first appearance on network TV), which means it was devoid of all its Gleeful '70s Movie Swearing--so it was fun to finally see it unedited.

Yesterday the Intruder Cats, who I think belong to the house up on the hill and who occasionally venture down to the hillside adjacent to the apartment garage, showed up, to the discomforture of the Garage Kitty. The Intruder Cats are large and clearly well-fed: a fearless tabby and a timid white cat with a few dark markings. They're adorable, but they ruin the Garage Kitty's day when they show up. Today, however, they didn't come back, and the Garage Kitty had a lovely relaxing afternoon napping on the hillside, then came down to the garage for an early dinner of salmon.
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We're having a heatwavy day, but it's supposed to cool down again starting tomorrow. I've lounged around reading Amanda Cross's No Word From Winifred, and after I finished that, I walked in the heat to Trader Joe's. The Garage Kitty has mostly made herself scarce today, doubtless hiding from the hot sun, but she made a brief appearance to eat some Fancy Feast. After I consume Thai food, there will be noveling and more reading...
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Today is my virtual Friday, and apparently it is the final day of the heatwave we've been having all week, hooray. I am so ready for the faux-autumn weather we're supposed to get this weekend. Ready for autumn, in general (even though we'll probably get some more blasts of heat between now and Halloween).

The Garage Kitty has mostly handled the hot weather with aplomb. This morning after I fed her breakfast, I found her trotting towards my car.

Gwynnega: But kitty, I need to use that to drive to work!

Garage Kitty: [sitting under car] But you have just fed me, so I am honoring you by choosing your car to sit beneath!

Gwynnega: Sorry, kitty...
[chases her out]

Garage Kitty: [darts back under]
[eventually bounds across garage and sits under other blue Yaris]
You do know all these cars belong to me, and you're just borrowing, right?

This weekend I'm going to work on the Jo book, read, and watch some Dark Shadows. Saturday night Ilene Kristen (see icon) is doing a club gig I'm going to try to attend...
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Los Angeles is finally having summer weather, and I'm not thrilled. After all the June/July gloom, I feel quite disgruntled about actual August weather in August! The Garage Kitty seems to be handling it well, however.

Today I spent some quality time lazing around reading Georgette Heyer (Frederica). Also I watched the Stephen Frears' film of Cheri, which is gorgeous, though it mainly made me want to reread the book. (I've been longing to do a Colette binge reading/rereading.)

Yesterday I finished listening to the text-to-audio files of the Jo book, and this evening I finished writing up notes of What Works and What Really Doesn't. For some reason knowing that I will be hacking large swaths of text from the book fills me with glee. I've also been making notes for the new ending of the book (something else that fills me with glee, because I'd really missed Jo and Martin). Next up: brainstorming/outlining/etc. to figure out some solutions to other issues with the novel.

And tomorrow will be Henna Day!
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I'm back from Readercon, after a long, taxing day of travel. I had a lovely if exhausting time. A con report will follow when I'm not so bleary.

When I got home, there was no sign of the Garage Kitty, and although there were empty food bowls around, her water dish was bone-dry, and I feared she'd gotten dehydrated and/or wandered off looking for water. But a few hours later she meowed and crawled out from under a car. She gave me a look that said "I thought you were gone FOREVER!", but she appeared no worse for wear and proceeded to eat some Fancy Feast. So that is a relief.

Now I'm catching up on Ryan's Hope...
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Today I got to meet [personal profile] skogkatt! We had brunch at Coffee Table, and then she got to meet the Garage Kitty. The kitty skedaddled when Julia tried to take her picture, but later on she managed to sneak a photo.


In Ryan's Hope news, this evening I watched an old Law & Order ep (from 1993) that featured both Michael Levin (Jack Fenelli) and Tovah Feldshuh (Martha McKee #1), but, sadly, not in the same scene.


I had a three day weekend, but it sure has zoomed by.
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Garage Kitty and tire Garage Kitty and tire

I was trying to take a photo of the Garage Kitty cutely napping this afternoon, but she woke up, so this is the photo I ended up taking instead.

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