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My long weekend has zoomed by. This evening I re-outlined the Jo book and watched a rather odd, Jo-book-related movie: Katherine (1975) starring Sissy Spacek as a doomed Weather Underground revolutionary, Art Carney as her father, and Henry Winkler as her Bill Ayers-esque boyfriend.

Last night I watched The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers (also Jo-book-related), and it was excellent. And, of course, last night I watched Mad Men, and it was astoundingly good--possibly my favorite episode of the show to date.

Oh long weekend, don't go!
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Yesterday my order from Banana Republic showed up in the mail: a short-sleeved print top and a fantastic gray sweater-coat with adorable pockets and buttons. Now if the weather can just cool off enough so I can wear the sweater-coat!

Here's a terrific blog entry by Sara Bibel about Mad Men's recent delving into soap opera history and how the show "chose to use soaps as a vehicle of female empowerment": Mad Men Makes Me A Happy Woman.

Ryan's Hope line o'the week:

Pat: We could get a big floppy dog, or a cat. Or both.
Delia: No, I don't want a cat. Cats are too sneaky.
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